What Can Be Done About School Shootings?

What Can Be Done About School Shootings?

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Just so you know my Father was a passionate person about Indian Harbour Beach Opossum Removal searching! It was situated adjacent to a full bar where my parents amused. He was proud and knowledgeable about his firearms showing describing about them. The gun case had no locks, myself nor any of my friends would not have ever considered taking a gun out without consent. Safety was priority on how I was taught to handle and carry them. Dad was proud of his two pointing dogs, in addition to being part of his esteemed hunting club. When I was a baby he started calling me skeet, this is a type of shooting sport with clay birds. My mother was not thrilled when he bought me my first gun at a decade old. As matter of fact he’d written on the deal, can you guess, “The Skeet”! We lived in a suburban area, my father would make a goal at the back of our garage, we would stand at the end of the driveway outside teaching me precision. The neighbors were not alerted or called the police, they knew that it was just Jerry doing his thing. In those days people could go buy a gun and ammo at any local hardware or sports store, no license, criminal check or anything. I would also bet after reading my background with guns above, no one would have guessed I’m Canadian! I thought it was important to share this information before my opinion why there are so many school shootings.

The people who know their children best are their parents. It really saddens me to believe that a teenager could be so unhappy they have the guts to kill themselves. In addition to feel the need to takeout innocent fellow students with them. It seems most of the teen student shooters did not do so spontaneously, but after a fair amount of consideration. How did their parents not detect their child having issues before these unfortunate school shooting situations? Was there a lack of daily communication with their teenagers? I know somethings wrong, tell me what happened in school or with friends and family? He might have said nothing at the beginning, but with kindness I kept probing until it came out. Our way of helping him not to have enraged anger with us as an outlet, if he was depressed we’d have taken the proper measures. No sane parent would want their kid to believe the only solution was death. Even more outrageous is a teen taking some other innocent pupils with them, cause different families such unacceptable pain and distress.

My last article named at the beginning that is a basic concept of old world child rearing. If we teach our kids to own manors, be respectful, and a healthy fear of authority. Those for me would be the significant reasons why I never removed guns from my fathers unlocked gun case. I knew that if I did something wrong there would implications for my actions. My parents also monitored what I watched on television. Perhaps parents now might want to see what is going on their kid’s cellphones, computers, social media, and not allow use of video games which are based on killing and violence. I don’t believe the issue is needing more gun control laws, but parenting supplying their children with more house training for life in the real world. These are my ideas on how decrease these outbreak school shootings

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